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What is Sonic Culture Studios?

Sonic Culture Studios is a DIY audio recording and production studio owned and operated by audio engineer CJ Coward. What began as a way to record his own music has transformed into a love for audio engineering. CJ is focused on capturing great performances and fostering a space for your artistic vision to be the foundation for the project. Sonic Culture Studios is a comfortable space designed from top to bottom to promote the creativity that comes with limitations as well as keep everyone engaged in the task at hand. Our studio has helped bands from all over including Princeton, Pennington, Trenton, NY, Philly, and beyond.

Who am I?

CJ Coward is the owner and operator of Sonic Culture Studios. Starting out as a way to record his own music, Sonic Culture Studios has blossomed into a wonderfully creative space to record, produce, mix, and master music. CJ has been playing music for over 10 years, and started working in audio in 2018. 

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"CJ is such a great person to work with. He is passionate and an amazing audio engineer. Recording was such a positive and creative experience. His prices are also fair and he does great work."

—  Hysteria (NJ)

Gear List


Shure SM57 x2

Shure Beta52

Seinheisser 835

Seinheisser 604 x3

Warm Audio 47jr

Lauten Audio LA-120 pair

Various no name mics

Interfaces, software, outboard, and more:

Focusrite Clarett 8PreX

Focusrite Saffire Pro40

Cubase Pro 10

Presonus Eris5's Speakers

Symetrix 501 Compressor

Aphex Aural Exciter (2 Channel)

Slate Digital Plugins

Sonarworks Reference 4

Behringer HA6000 Headphone Amp

Various Headphones

Instruments, amps, and pedals:

Peavey Classic 410 Combo Amp 1973

4 Piece Parts Kit

Sabian Vintage HH Ride 21"

Sabian HHX Xplosion Crash 18"

Sabian HHX Hi-Hats "14

Various FX Pedals

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Pennington, NJ 08534


Tel: (609)303-2997

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