Hey, I'm CJ!

I have been playing music for over 10 years and started working as an audio engineer in 2018. SCS is a full-service studio that offers recording, editing, mixing, mastering and more. I currently play music under the moniker Prehistoric Sun.

I am dedicated to helping you find your artistic vision, refining it, and making it shine on your next release.

As musicians, we are always adapting and changing as we should. Studios are the same way and I ensure a high level of organization and communication throughout any project I am doing.

Have any questions?

Owner and Audio Engineer CJ Coward Recording Guitar for Prehistoric Sun Music



  • Gathering reference tracks and taking notes.

  • Sharing reference playlists and notes.

  • Preproduction meeting to talk about the reference material, hone in on the artistic vision and create a plan of action.



  • 3 Full days of recording everything we need to capture all 4 songs in the comfortable studio.

  • Following Plan of Action

  • Listening Back on last day to ensure we tracked everything we need.

  • Refining the tracks we recorded.

  • Time/phase alignment to ensure a quality starting point for mixing.

  • Prepping mix session files to ensure the mixing process is the most creative.

  • Create and share rough mixes