Whether you tracked at my studio or are handing me your home recordings, I can bring out the best in your performances. With dozens of happy returning clients, I am confident I can help you strike that balance of quality and emotion in your mixes.

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  • Gathering reference tracks and taking notes.

  • Sharing reference playlists and notes.

  • Preproduction meeting to talk about the reference material, hone in on the artistic vision and create a plan of action.



  • 3 Full days of recording everything we need to capture all 4 songs in the comfortable studio.

  • Following Plan of Action

  • Listening Back on last day to ensure we tracked everything we need.

  • Refining the tracks we recorded.

  • Time/phase alignment to ensure a quality starting point for mixing.

  • Prepping mix session files to ensure the mixing process is the most creative.

  • Create and share rough mixes