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There is no "I" in team and there are no vowels in LKFFCT

If you’re looking for big and brittle guitar chords, huge vocal harmonies and some 90s nostalgia, then you need to hear this song from New Jersey-based band LKFFCT (pronounced Lake Effect). LKFFCT’s latest single “Moss” is yet another cleverly confessional song in their collection of singles they’ve released since their last full-length album We All Hold It Up Together.

(LKFFCT 2022 from left to right: Ryan, Ken, Brian, Max, Keith)

Comprised of Drummer Ryan Baredes, Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Ken De Poto, bassist Brian Legentil, guitarist/vocalist Max Rauch and guitarist/vocalist Keith Williams, LKKFCT put out one of my favorite albums of the last few years in May of 2020. To be truthful, on my first listen of the first song “Love” I thought, “oh god it’s like Primus”, but once the chorus came in and delivered that contrast from thinner, bouncier verses into the full and anthemic chorus, I loved it. We All Hold It Up Together came out during the height of the pandemic and provided some of the most uplifting and hopeful music I had heard coming out at the time. Donning album artwork that reminds me of the classic 90s kindergarten classroom decor, this album dug deep to remind us of friendship, self-worth and fun while also providing softer moments to rest our heads. Now, after many listens and knowing the words to “Love” I will mumble along to the words as I subtly bounce in my work chair. Since 2020, LKFFCT have released 3 singles, each with their own charm and mood. Now we welcome “Moss” to the mix.

("Moss" single artwork by Karen Eisenberg Rauch)

“Moss” provides that same riff focused nature of previous LKFFCT songs, but throughout the song we get catchy guitar leads, solos, a heavy bass slide into the final chorus and lots of vocal harmonies. After my interview with Max Rauch and learning that members of LKFFCT have been friends first and bandmates second has really brought their use of harmonies to my attention. I can distinctly pick out at least 4 voices on this song and that to me adds to that element of friendship in their songs, rather than hearing vocal stacks from one voice. It shows that LKFFCT isn’t just from one perspective, but from a collection of long-time friends.

The driving force behind this song is the guitar work. Weaved throughout the song there are cleaner and brighter guitar leads that compliment the vocal melodies eventually getting to a guitar solo that propels the song into the final and most energetic chorus to cap off the song. The song ends with some guitar feedback and made me really excited and almost anticipating another song to just start playing right after. I would love to see ”Moss” on an album in the future where this feedback bleeds into another song. Lyrically, this song has motifs of vanity, hiding and trusting yourself packaged into metaphors around animals and nature. This type of lyrical construction is what fans of LKFFCT love. This song can be cheerful and provide entertaining visuals, but analyze the lyrics deeper and you’ll find buried treasure of thought provoking scenarios around being comfortable with yourself and interpersonal conflict. I’m excited to add this song to my playlists and embrace the fuzzed out rock anthem of the fall.

Stream "Moss" on all your favorite music streaming platforms now.


Song was co-produced & recorded by Doug Gallo & Max Rauch at Domestic Bliss Recording

Mixed/Mastered by Doug Gallo

Released by Pizza Bagel Records

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