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Every project's needs are different and our goal is to help you make your vision come to fruition within your budget. My rates are super affordable and I offer a few packages that offer discounts when you pair up services.


Recording & Editing

Every great song starts with capturing great performances. Every recording session is followed up with editing to prepare your tracks for the mixing stage either done by myself or passing files to another engineer.

8 Hour Day of Recording and Editing: $250

Hourly Sessions(minimum 3 hours): $35/hour



Mixing is where we bring your songs to life and enhance and blend your recorded tracks together to be a cohesive, dynamic and powerful song. Using all sorts of tools for EQ, compressors, spacial fx and other processes I have everything we need to bring out your vision and make your songs sound great. 

Mixing for average 3-5 min. song: $250 with 2 rounds of revisions



Mastering is the final touch on your song to make it sound great on all the various systems people listen to music on. This process uses precision tools to ensure your song could fit right in next to your favorite songs.

Digital Mastering: $60 per song with 1 revision



Single: Preproduction, 1 Recording Session, Editing, Mixing: $450

For EPs and LPs we offer discounted rates that include preproduction, recording, editing and mixing. Contact me and I can send you a custom estimate that fits your budget.

I recommend getting a second engineer to master package projects so we can get an additional pair of ears to make those final adjustments. I have a library of mastering engineers who would be happy to help. I can manage exchanging files with them too. 

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